The Adorable ‘Ghost Giant’ for PSVR Will Launch This Spring

The Adorable ‘Ghost Giant’ for PSVR Will Launch This Spring

Zoink Games has today announced their PSVR title Ghost Giant about a lonely boy who becomes friends with a towering giant that only he sees and the challenges they both take on together

Zoink Games and publisher Perp Games have announced today that the wonderfully enchanting PSVR title Ghost Giant will launch this spring. If the developer Zoink Games sound familiar, that’s because they also created Fe – the equally adorable action-adventure game where the player takes control of a little fox who finds itself alone in a vast forest in which it tries to save all the creatures from the Silent Ones. I would highly recommend this title if you haven’t done so already – it made my top 10 games list of 2018.

Ghost Giant is a puzzle adventure title that sees a young boy called Louis befriend a giant ghost that is only visible to him and no-one else. The player will take the reins as the Ghost Giant and slowly acquire Louis’ trust by guiding him through a manner of obstacles which can be overwhelming at times for the young boy, but by doing this, you (the Ghost Giant) and Louis will create and establish the true meaning of friendship throughout the gameplay.

As you take control of the Ghost Giant, you will get the chance to delve into the creative world of Sancourt, whereby using your giant size and the strengths that come with that to your advantage, you can help its dwellers with problems they face on a daily basis. Along the way, players can manipulate their environment in different ways while also uncovering hidden secrets.

Developer Zoink Games wanted the player to truly feel in VR what it was like to explore a doll’s house by lifting the roof off and being able to pick up items like furniture and playing around with them. Zoink states that this will give the player a sense of how gigantic Ghost Giant really is, which they also hope will leave a lasting special memory for the player.

Olov Redmalm who is the Art and Creative Director at Zoink Games wanted to express how happy the studio is regarding the release of Ghost Giant in a special announcement:

 “Warmly welcome to Sancourt! I’m absolutely thrilled that we’re getting a physical release of Ghost Giant by Perp Games. With their line of great VR game releases, we feel right at home. The team at Zoink Games hopes that through Ghost Giant you will experience something quite unique in both VR and storytelling! We’re very proud of the game and it handles a topic we’re all really passionate about. So buckle up, ready your handkerchiefs (just in case things get emotional) and prepare to become the Ghost Giant.”

At this time of writing, the UK and Europe will be getting the game in spring, which will also thankfully get a simultaneous physical and digital launch, but it’s yet to be announced when the game will release in North America. I personally don’t think it will be a huge release difference if any, but we will follow the title closely for any news.

You can check out the Ghost Giant Physical Announcement by Perp Games below: