Ghost Giant Review — A Charming VR Adventure

Ghost Giant Review — A Charming VR Adventure

Even though Ghost Giant succumbs to some of the typical adventure title issues, it still manages to tell a heartfelt and adorable story.

Virtual reality has the ability to make the player feel as if they are in another world entirely. It’s really the first piece of video game hardware that can do so. While, yes, a regular ol’ video game can be completely immersive, there is always one thing that hinders that complete immersion: the distance from your eyes to the TV. Games like The Witcher 3 do a great job of immersing you in its world but VR titles are able to literally place you in its world.

I am pleased to say that the new PlayStation VR game Ghost Giant does a wonderful job of making you feel like you’re part of its world. Ghost Giant provides a cute and charming story with some interesting puzzles that will have you grinning from ear to ear at times.


The latest title from Zoink places you in the shoes of a Giant Ghost, yes, just like the title entails. You begin the game overlooking essentially the main protagonist named Louis, an adorable little cat that running a farm with his mother. The game begins and Louis notices a giant ghost (the player) overlooking him. He runs off a little scared at first but he begins to open up to you as you begin to help him out with some tasks.

If you have played the excellent title Moss, the perspective that you play in will look very familiar. What these VR titles do great is give you the feeling like you were back at home as a child playing with old action figures or LEGOs. You would tower over them, being able to look in every nook and cranny of the little LEGO house you just built. If there is something missing, you just reach an arm out to grab a LEGO then place it wherever you need it. The same concept is tied here in Ghost Giant thanks to the use of the PSVR headset and the PS Move controllers. The biggest difference is that those LEGOs or action figures can interact with you.

It never ceases to amaze me how developers take advantage of virtual reality and the environments that they can transport you to. Whether its a deep forest with windy roads, overlooking Louis’ farm, or traversing a dark cemetery, Ghost Giant does a wonderful job of taking advantage of the headset and placing the player some imaginative worlds.

ghost giant

Throughout your adventure, players will help their new little cat friend with whatever tasks need to be done. Sometimes those tasks will be tending to his farm or solving a various amount of puzzles as you make your way through town. There were some puzzles that were interesting and fun to solve, such as one where you used a giant magnet fishing pole to reach out and grab a set of items to build a flashlight to guide Louis down a dark path. Another has you rotating and lifting a large house to gather items to progress through the level. However, there were times I ran into some obtuse adventure game characteristics you would find in classic adventure games which somewhat halted my progress.

These puzzles just left me scratching my head in confusion. Sometimes it was just an item that was a little hard to see or reach that I needed or something that I would have just never guessed to do such as hitting a motorcycle until the oil from the exhaust gathers on the ground and can be used to paint a picture with. I am not one to complain about a game being too difficult or challenging, but frustration can really set in when you are just randomly picking up objects to see what will happen and if something will click in your head.



Ghost Giant might click more with other players depending on what mood they are in or what emotional state they are in their lives. I remember playing Celeste a few months after college. I had been looking for my first big boy job I could use my degree towards and I was a little down on my luck. Then, here comes a little adventure that tells a gripping tale about facing your inner demons and insecurities. I do not think that it would have resonated with me as much as it did if I wasn’t in that mindset during my playthrough. Ghost Giant does tell a great story and I think it could resonate with you in this same way depending on your state of mind when playing.

Zoink Games has created a fun little VR title. Ghost Giant is an adorable adventure game that would have me smiling pretty often. Depending on what mood you are in, the story could really resonate with you and the classic adventure style puzzle will surely please longtime fans of the genre. While there are some puzzles that left me a little confused and frustrated, they were pretty few and far between. Ghost Giant is a lovely adventure puzzle title that will provide a joyful romp for many PSVR owners.