Mousy Minstrels Coming to Xbox One Preview June 30th with Ghost of a Tale

Mousy Minstrels Coming to Xbox One Preview June 30th with Ghost of a Tale

The small studio of SeithCG is bringing their amazing looking action RPG Ghost of a Tale to the Xbox One Preview Program on June 30th.

While the craziness of E3 is floating about, it’s easy to forget about the smaller stories. And even easier to forget about the smaller protagonists. Luckily this tail didn’t scurry under the door and I’m happy to report that Ghost of a Tale will be coming to the Xbox Game Preview Program on June 30th. This service mirrors Steam’s Early Access set up, and not surprisingly, this title is available on there as well.

As for game itself, it concerns a miniature mouse named Tilo. He is on a journey to find his beloved, Merra, in a medieval fantasy world inhabited by animals. However, this rodent minstrel is far from a skilled warrior so he will have to use other methods to complete his quest. Some of these tactics involve stealth missions, donning disguises, and actually conversing with your enemies.

Gameplay follows a third person action RPG format. Tilo will find himself exploring the labyrinthine halls of Dwindling Heights Keep, facing enemies more than twice his size. There will be plenty of useful environmental items to help him out such as crates to push onto unsuspecting foes. At one point, the mouse squeezes into a suit of armor and must slowly waddle away from oncoming danger.

According to the FAQ page on Ghost of a Tales’ official site, the core team consists of 5 people working on the game proper. The head of the team, Lionel “Seith” Gallat, works on most of the coding, art, and design. Actually, according to the Steam description, he does 90% of those tasks.

The game looks amazing for such a small development studio with animations and character design standing out the most. Tilo’s rodent nature is truly a spectacle as he switches from walking to running on all fours. Even the blinking of his beady eyes looks good. The fantasy environments and additions also look great with a lot of detail poured into the castle and outfits.

No price has been given for the Xbox One preview version of Ghost of a Tale, but it will probably mirror the $19.99 USD Steam tag. The game is currently available for Early Access but those who want/need to wait for the console version, the trailer below can tide you over until the end of this month: