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Ghost of Tsushima Fan Art Showcases Jin Sakai in All of His Splendid Glory

Ghost of Tsushima's Jin comes to life in this brilliantly crafted art piece by Adam Spizak.

Even though Ghost of Tsushima released nearly two months ago, its world and characters are still ever-present in the art and photography world. This is really not a big surprise since the game’s environments are absolutely stunning where players can get lost for hours at a time in its beauty. Lately, new accessibility options and a new mode, as well as some general bug fixes have allowed players to enjoy the game even more – not to mention the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima: Legends which is a new co-op multiplayer for the title. To celebrate the incredible art design found within the protagonist Jin Sakai’s world, check out this colorful and vibrant piece of fan art by Adam Spizak.

London based illustrator and designed Adam Spizak encapsulates the samurai Jin in the most impressive and stunning way as seen in his latest work. Here we see the two sides of Jin, who at first kept his emotions calm and in check, but soon develops the Ghost persona created by Yuna. In one picture, Jin is represented with colorful tones of pinks and reds from the cherry blossom tree found through the game, atoning to his more peaceful side. In another picture, we see Jin’s Ghost side take over which is much darker as he stands on top of a stark skull. Adam has portrayed Jin amazingly through his creative talents and its easy to see why he has been featured in the likes of Maxim, Sci-Fi magazine UK, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, and many more across the web.

Adam says that his love for art and computer graphics began in 1996 during the Amiga’s art scene and this pushed him onto graduate computer science with a major in computer graphics and multimedia. Taking a look through Adam’s website, you begin to notice how versatile an artist he is, creating an array of different art pieces using 3D, Zbrush, c4d and octane that include Mortal Kombat, Doom, Overwatch, and a host of incredible characters from popular TV shows.

Of course, if you fancy having a piece of Jin in the form of some amazing art, you can head over to Adam’s site and take your pick out of dozens of prints, canvas’, or posters available to purchase. To check out Adam’s other paintings, head on over to his Instagram and take a look at what he has to offer.

While I have you here, check out Japanese artist Takashi Okazaki who collaborated with Ghost of Tsushima to produce manga-style posters. More recently Chris Hawtin, who is a graphic designer, put together an incredible Ghost of Tsushima motion poster showing off the game’s protagonist, Jin Sakai, holding a mask while leaves fall in a striking black and white color scheme. To accompany the stunning visuals in Ghost of Tsushima. the soundtrack to the game has arrived digitally and physically at launch. The physical edition is available currently as a two-disc edition with a vinyl edition featuring “The Way of the Ghost (feat. Clare Uchima).” being available later down the line. If you fancy seeing Daisuke Tsuji, the actor who voiced the protagonist Jin Sakai’s reaction to seeing his own butt in the game, check that stellar piece of footage out right here. It’s cracking.

If you want to purchase the game through Amazon, you can do so here. and if you need another opinion then read our very favorable review here. You can also check out this editorial on the five Samurai movies to watch before you play the game itself.

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