Ghost of Tsushima Fans Help Exceed 5 Million Yen Needed To Restore Damaged Torii

Ghost of Tsushima Fans Help Exceed 5 Million Yen Needed To Restore Damaged Torii

A resident shrine priest confirmed that a great deal of support has been from fans of the game.

Fans of the PlayStation exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima may be aware that its world is set on the real Tsushima Island. This historic island has had the help from the fans of Sucker Punch Productions’ action-adventure as funds have been raised to help repair an iconic, and historic landmark after it had been damaged by a typhoon.

Famitsu reported on the news, which was translated by Twinfinite, (Thanks, PushSquare), and details that the typhoon that hit the island in September earlier this year had damaged the “Heisei Otorii” of Watatsumi Shrine. The torii may be recognisable to players as the Shinto shrines as part of Ghost of Tsushima.

ghost of tsushima torri gate

A Campfire donation page had been set up by Yuichi Hirayama, a resident shrine priest who was looking to raise 5 million yen and was created on November 28, 2020. The total raised so far now sits at over 20 million yen, and that’s with 18 days left for the campaign as of writing this. Yuichi Hirayama has updated the Campfire page to note, “We have received a great deal of support from the players of the Ghost of Tsushima game set in Tsushima, and I feel that it is God’s guidance.”

In addition to the fans of the PlayStation exclusive, there has been yen donated by the people of Tsushima, and worshippers from across the county. The funds will allow the work needed to restore the torii gate and help restore it for tourism when the current pandemic has come to an end. Ghost of Tsushima is part of the island’s tourism following a partnership between Sucker Punch and the official Tsushima tourism board.

Ghost of Tsushima launched on PS4 earlier this year and in under 4 months had sold over 5 million copies. The game launched as a single-player experience and later saw an update introduce multiplayer co-op.