Ghost of Tsushima Launch Trailer is Officially Here

Get one more look at Ghost of Tsushima in action before it lands on PS4 at the end of this week.

It has been a long time coming in some respects, but Sucker Punch’s latest release in Ghost of Tsushima is finally set to hit store shelves later this week. As such, the developer and publisher Sony today let loose one final trailer to get fans excited.

The launch trailer for Ghost of Tsushima finally released this afternoon and it continues to show off the breathtaking locales that the game has in store. The video, which is only about 60 seconds long, gives us new glimpses at some of the different areas of that Ghost of Tsushima will take place within.

Additionally, there are a few new looks at combat as well, both of the stealth and action variety. Ghost of Tsushima allows you to approach combat in both ways, with one being preferred by the samurai within the game, while a stealth-based approach is more looked down upon.

All in all, GoT continues to look largely excellent in all facets. Not only do the graphics look stellar, but the gameplay seems to be enticing and the world looks quite vast. Hopefully, it can match up to the high expectations that many have placed on it over the years since it was first unveiled.

Ghost of Tsushima will launch later this week on Friday, July 17, exclusively on PS4. While we won’t have a review of the game out in time for release, stay tuned in the days and weeks after to hear what our final verdict will be on the highly-anticipated action-adventure title.

In the meantime, here’s our suggestion for five samurai movies that you should check out before playing the game.

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