Ghost of Tsushima Video Lines Up a Bit Too Well With Mr. Blue Sky

Ghost of Tsushima's Jin being pelted with arrows lines up hilariously with ELO's Mr. Blue Sky, as shown by the video.

Ghost of Tsushima, Sony’s latest new exclusive IP from Sucker Punch, has garnered critical and commercial success since releasing a few short weeks ago. As Jin Sakai, you are given a lot of free reign to explore the regions of the island of Tsushima, rescuing people, freeing villages from the Mongol invasion, and taking on quests. Much like other open-world games, Ghost of Tsushima does have a way of forcing you from venturing into areas you aren’t supposed to visit yet. In this instance, it is by bombarding Jin with barrages of arrows from all directions until he dies.

Originally posted on Youtube by user MagicSword, showcasing an “Unlimited Resolve” exploit, fellow YouTube user Gnavin overlayed a portion of MagicSword’s video with the catchy tune Mr. Blue Sky from Electric Light Orchestra. It turns out, that the sounds of Jin being turned into arrow pin-cushion lines up strangely well with the song, and creates a quite the fun video.

Could this idea of putting “Jin being hit with arrows” become the next big thing, with Ghost of Tsushima? Who knows, maybe? Stranger things have happened after all. I know that after watching it, I found myself curious and brainstorming about what other tunes would work. In any case, we’ve found a lot to love about Ghost of Tsushima. In our review, we applaud the game’s presentation an how it boasts some of the smartest designs our reviewer has seen in a video game. The photo mode present is also perhaps the most in-depth example among other AAA offerings, allowing fans to take and edit beautiful photographs and sharing them with the world.

Ghost of Tsushima is available now on the PlayStation 4.

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