Ghost of Tsushima Looks Stunning and Epic in New PS4 Pro 4K Screenshots

Ghost of Tsushima Looks Stunning and Epic in New PS4 Pro 4K Screenshots

The highly-anticipated PS4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima delivers stunning visuals in this batch of new screenshots from the game on PS4 Pro.

As one of the final exclusive games to be hitting the PS4 before Sony’s next-generation system arrives, the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch Productions has a lot of anticipation riding behind it. While we have only seen the game in short glimpses at a few events, what we have seen has been pretty stunning all its own, as seen in this new collection of screenshots from the game.

Following its newly-released trailer at The Game Awards 2019, Sucker Punch Productions has released a series of new screenshots from Ghost of Tsushima, all taken from the game running on PS4 Pro in 4K. Most of these images are of course from the new trailer that was shown last night at The Game Awards, but they do give us the chance to look at the game’s stunning details and visuals to a closer extent.

Alongside the screenshots that were released, Sucker Punch also highlighted a few additional details about the game in a post on the PlayStation Blog. According to the studio, it seems in Ghost of Tsushima that the main character that you will play as, Jin, will be taking on an assortment of different identities over the course of the game in order to save his homeland. As seen in the trailer, “the Ghost” is one of those identities, and while Jin will start the game as a noble samurai, “he’ll learn skills and adopt tactics that are decidedly not samurai-like” to survive.

The studio also detailed that Ghost of Tsushima is “the biggest game Sucker Punch has ever made by a wide margin,” and that we can expect more information on the game to be revealed in the coming months before its release. Specifically, that includes learning more about Jin himself, “the threats he faces, the allies that help him along his journey, and what he’ll have to give up to become this new kind of warrior.”

Personally speaking, Ghost of Tsushima has been high on my list of the most anticipated titles that I am looking forward to playing in the coming year, especially with it seeming like the PS4’s swan song. What we’ve seen of the game has been gorgeous, and it seems like it will be surely worth the wait until it finally arrives.

Ghost of Tsushima will release exclusively for PS4 in summer 2020. For a closer look at the game, you can check out all of the newly-released screenshots below: