Ghost of Tsushima is the PS4's Fastest-Selling New First-Party IP

Ghost of Tsushima sold 2.4 million copies over the course of its first three days of availability, making it Sony's most successful launch of a new IP.

Sony just continues to knock it out of the park with its first-party offerings in the PS4 generation.

Announced over on the official PlayStation Twitter account this morning, it was confirmed that Ghost of Tsushima is now the fastest-selling first-party new IP that Sony has published for PS4. This means that the action-adventure game sold more in its opening week than Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, Concrete Genie, and various other first-party new IPs that have released this generation. In total, Sucker Punch’s latest was said to have surpassed 2.4 million units in total over the course of its first three days of availability.

In some regards, this is a highly impressive feat for Sucker Punch and shows that Ghost of Tsushima might very well be a new franchise for Sony altogether. That said, it’s also important to remember that the game released near the very end of the PS4’s life cycle, meaning that the install base for potential sales was much higher compared to games that released earlier in the gen. It’ll be more interesting to see how long of a tail Ghost of Tsushima has and if, in time, it can surpass other titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn in all-time sales.

Ghost of Tsushima is available right now on PS4. Stay tuned within the coming days as our own review of the game should be going live on the site soon.

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