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Ghost of Tsushima Reworked Into Manga Style Comic by Famed Japanese Artist

Japanese artist Takashi Okazaki collaborates with Ghost of Tsushima to produce manga-style posters.

As we prepare for Ghost of Tsushima‘s release next Friday, July 17 exclusively for PS4, lots of exciting news has been flooding in regarding the highly anticipated title. Recently we saw that the game received another update that ramps up its day-one patch file size to almost 8 GB. Ghost of Tsushima‘s update file size is barely 500 MB, which means players who are going to play the game at launch, will need to download another 7.9 GB. To play the digital version of Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll need at least 50 GB of free space on your PS4. As well as all the usual news goings-on circulating the game, Sucker Punch Productions have teamed up with Afro Samurai artist Takashi Okazaki on a beautiful set of Ghost of Tsushima posters in the style of a manga comic. 

Ghost of Tsushima is a hotbed for creative folks who like to delve into the game’s visual beauty. More recently Chris Hawtin, who is a graphic designer, put together an incredible Ghost of Tsushima motion poster showing off the game’s protagonist, Jin Sakai, holding a mask while leaves fall in a striking black and white color scheme. Today, however, Takashi Okazaki who is a Japanese manga artist, visual designer, and graphic designer, most notable for writing and illustrating the manga series Afro Samurai, takes to the samurai fantasy world to recreate their very own manga-style comic. 

Okazaki has created four original pieces of art based on Ghost of Tsushima giving each piece of artwork a different part of Jin’s story: the wind that guides him, the flames that destroy his home around him, the mask he wears as he becomes the Ghost, and his wrath as he fights back against the Mongols. Okazaki briefly discussed how much he loved the game even before starting his artistic vision on it and how he was inspired to create the manga comic itself “I love to create things I myself want to see or be passionate about. Ultimately, I love it when I see or hear people get passionate through my work” Okazaki continued “Even before I was offered the opportunity to collaborate, Ghost of Tsushima was something that captured my heart. I love “Gekiga” style mangas, and Ghost of Tsushima had a similar vibe to it. I took some inspiration from this, and took on the challenge of incorporating it into my work which I hope you’ll enjoy!”

To accompany the stunning visuals in Ghost of Tsushima. the soundtrack to the game will be arriving digitally and physically at launch. The physical edition will also be available as a two-disc edition on that date, with a vinyl edition featuring “The Way of the Ghost (feat. Clare Uchima).” being available later down the line. In an interview with IGN, Game Director Nate Fox talked about the game’s difficulty and stated that “We are trying to make a grounded game in that sense, so a couple blows from the enemy will kill you,” Fox said. “We watched samurai movies and people go down with one or two strikes, and that is embedded inside of the combat. Beating the Mongols in battle will be hard, but it’s that challenge that makes it feel alive and the victory rewarding. You can’t just run into a camp and fight 5 people at the same time, you will get overwhelmed and die.” Although later, we also found out that you can change these settings to suit your own playstyle better so if you don’t enjoy getting your ass kicked hard, you can do something about it.

Ghost of Tsushima is slated to launch on July 17, 2020, and will be a PS4 exclusive. If you want to pre-order the game through Amazon, you can do so here.

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