Ghost of Tsushima is Reportedly PS4’s Second Best-Selling First-Party Game in Japan

Ghost of Tsushima is Reportedly PS4’s Second Best-Selling First-Party Game in Japan

It's fast approaching Marvel's Spider-Man which sits at number 1.

Benji-Sales has reported that Sucker Punch Productions’ latest title, Ghost of Tsushima is now Sony PlayStation’s 2nd best-selling game for a PlayStation first-party studio in Japan on the PS4.

Ghost of Tsushima launched on July 17 and in that short time it has ramped up the sales in Japan. Benji-Sales confirms that Marvel’s Spider-Man still sits at number 1 with around 300,000 physical sales. Meanwhile, Sucker Punch Productions’ title isn’t far behind and may surpass that figure in the coming weeks. However, the figures haven’t been revealed but were apparently sourced by Game Data Library.

Benji does go on to touch on Knack, which is said to be higher than Ghost of Tsushima, but he explains how it was bundled in with the PS4 console at launch which inflated sales. As such, he personally doesn’t include that game when ranking PS4 performance for software in Japan.

It’s no lie that Ghost of Tsushima has impressed a lot of players with its stunning scenery and samurai battles. You can check out our review and see what we thought. It’s available exclusively on the PS4, and recently the official PlayStation account revealed some interesting player statistics shortly after launch. If you’ve still yet to pick the game up, you can do so through Amazon while helping to support DualShockers at the same time.

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