Sony Shares Some Eye Watering Stats From Ghost of Tsushima

Players have so far taken a staggering 15.5 million photo's in the game's photo mode!

Ghost of Tsushima has been out for two weeks now, and what a two weeks it’s been. The game easily beat Paper Mario: The Origami King to the number one spot in the UK chart, it became Sony’s fastest selling new IP in history and received high praise from some of the industry’s top names.

Now, to celebrate the game’s success, Sony has shared some eye-watering stats about players first 10 days in the game.

Ghost of Tsushima has become notorious for the photo mode within the game. If you’ve been on Twitter within the last couple of weeks, you’ll have no doubt been inundated with dozens of stunning pictures taken within the world. Sony has now revealed the extent of peoples usage of this feature, and in just 10 days, players have taken 15.5 million snaps. That’s an astonishing 1.5 million photo’s a day.

Another of the most popular features of the game is simply exploring its vast, exciting world. Collectively, players have ridden their horses around the Island of Tsushima for the equivalent of over 810 years or 295650 days! Poor horses. Along their way, players have visited 16 million Onsen, honoured 37 million Inari Shrines and petted 8.8 million foxes.

The more poetic players out there have written a total of 14.2 million Haikus and those who are more musically inclined have played a whopping 28 million songs on their flutes.

The battle numbers are also staggering. Players have been involved in 156 million standoffs, 57.5 million duels and have made 139 million enemies collapse in fear.

So it looks like not only has Ghost of Tsushima sold well, players are fully immersing themselves in the world and doing everything that the game has to offer. Multiple times. If you’ve not played the game yet, or are undecided whether to get it, why not check out what other DualShockers readers have had to say about it.


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