Sucker Punch Answers Ghost of Tsushima Questions About the Games Length, Side Quests, and More

As we get closer to Ghost of Tsushima's release, developer Sucker Punch answers questions on the game's length, difficulty modes, side missions, and more.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch Productions answers questions about the game such as if the game will have difficulty modes, side missions, its length, and more.

When asked if we’ll get to use other weapons like spears and axes, Connell says the katana will be the main weapon players use. Additionally, it can be upgraded with new abilities. Besides that, it’s been confirmed there will be no karma system, there will be a day/night cycle plus dynamic weather, and the game will feature side missions.

When asked about how long the game will be, Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox doesn’t provide a specific length but he says some of their playtesters spent over a week on the game but didn’t finish the story. Additionally, he says the game’s scope is the largest of any of Sucker Punch’s titles.

One of the coolest features I took away from the game’s State of Play stream is the wind guiding the player rather than having a marker on the screen. Sucker Punch’s Jason Connell says “one of the earliest Art Direction goals was to incorporate wind and a sense of movement in everything possible. It both had historical connections as well as film reference overlap. A couple years into production, the game started to look stunning and we wanted to create a way to keep people in the world. Since we had achieved those early art goals and the wind was visually striking, we decided to see if it could actually point you to a new location.”

Another set of questions asks about the game’s difficulty and if the enemies will be tougher than what was shown off in the State of Play. Ghost of Tsushima will have easy, medium, and hard modes. Hard mode will provide a greater challenge while easy mode is for those that enjoy the story and explore the island. As for enemy difficulty, Fox says combat can be lethal, with enemies being able to take you out in a few hits if you aren’t careful. These are just some of the questions asked and they only increase my excitement for this game.

Ghost of Tsushima launches on July 17, exclusively on the PlayStation 4. If you can’t wait to check it out, you can watch the State of Play stream where we get over 18 minutes of gameplay.

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