Ghost of Tsushima Developers Aiming for “Lethal Precision” With Swordplay

Ghost of Tsushima Developers Aiming for “Lethal Precision” With Swordplay

Sucker Punch's hotly-anticipated samurai game Ghost of Tsushima features spectacular swordplay, and Nate Fox talked about it.

Sony Interactive Entertainment just finished hosting its official press conference from E3 2018 in Los Angeles, and during the post-show we get more information about Sucker Punch’s massively-anticipated open-world adventure game Ghost of Tsushima.

Game Director Nate Fox mentioned that the team is trying to go for “lethal precision” with the swordplay we saw in today’s spectacular gameplay reveal. There isn’t a lot of wasted energy as the characters are highly trained experts who make every strike count. The team brought in kendo experts as consultants in order to pursue authenticity.

One thing is for sure: it looked absolutely fantastic.

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Of course, this isn’t the only news coming from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s press conference, and you can check everything out in the official video recording.