Ghost Recon Breakpoint Lets You Play How You Like

Ghost Recon Breakpoint looks to improve up the formula that Wildlands set up in almost every way possible.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is trying to build upon everything Wildlands created. From braving the harsh landscape to managing new wounds that could come from traversing that said landscape, this game will try to create the ultimate Ghost Recon experience. After a lengthy 2-hour hands-on play session with the development team at E3 2019, I can say that this game will satisfy players of the previous game as well as introduce new Ghost Recon to the formula.

During the session, I was teamed up with a couple of other peers and two developers to take on a few missions. We tried everything from clearing out multiple enemy camps, taking out huge militarized mechanical drone tanks, and stealthily infiltrating an enemy base to extract a target. No matter what I was doing in Breakpoint, I was having a blast doing it, even if everything went to hell almost immediately. While I usually want to take more of a stealth approach to missions, one of my other team members did not have the same mindset and went in guns blazing every time. Still, it was fun escaping hellish scenarios with a full squad.

There is just something I love about stealth experiences that give me a sense of immersion like no other. In the very first mission, we infiltrated an enemy base to extract a scientist being put to work against her will. We tried to take the stealthy approach and were able to take advantage of some of the new environmental mechanics to our advantage such as covering yourself in mud to further improve your camouflage while sneaking through some nearby hills. On top of that, I was able to hide bodies so I wouldn’t alert nearby guards just like you were able to do in Metal Gear Solid V. I was even able to tag all the targets that I planned to silently take out before grabbing the target. Before one of my teammates would blow our cover entirely, Ghost Recon Breakpoint displayed some fascinating stealth gameplay while you are able to stay hidden.

“It was fun escaping hellish scenarios with a full squad.”

From what I played, Breakpoint has introduced new elements to please players with varying different playstyles. Those such as myself who like to take a more stealthy approach can utilize the new mechanics such as being able to pick up and hide bodies or utilizing the environment to increase your camouflage. Others who like to go in like they are John Rambo, like the guy sitting next to me at my demo, can take advantage of some new CQC takedowns and a new arsenal of weaponry. From what I noticed, however you like to play, Breakpoint can offer that style of gameplay.

What did worry me a bit about my playtime with the game is that there might have been just a bit too many enemies roaming the overworld. Now, this could possibly be me being a curmudgeon and wanting to play a more stealthy experience, but it did seem like whenever we were trying to make our way to our next mission, it would end with a giant battle of some sort and us blasting our guns outside our vehicle. If players are always wanting to be in some sort of action, this might be a good thing for them. For me personally, though, it got a bit annoying for things to constantly devolve into the kind of situation I didn’t prefer

After my demo, I am incredibly excited for the full release of the game. I am glad I was able to get my hands on it early because it made me realize I would prefer to go through the game solo; however, it still featured that team-based tactical warfare plenty of players came to love in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Whether you go in stealthily or crash a helicopter into an enemy base, there is something for everyone in Breakpoint.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set to release later this year on October 4 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. You can also take a look at another preview opportunity we had a couple of months back when the game was first announced where we interviewed the creative director and got some hands-on time with the game.

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