Ghost Recon Breakpoint Class Guide: Which Class Should You Pick?

Having trouble finding your Ghost Recon Breakpoint class? We run through each of the four classes to see which one may be suited to your playstyle.

So, you’re playing Ubisoft’s newest tactical open-world shooter Ghost Recon Breakpoint and just got your first skill point. You’ve opened up the skill tree to find four different classes to choose from: Field Medic, Assault, Panther, and Sharpshooter. Each of these classes has unique abilities, items, and proficiencies that takes advantage of certain play styles. This guide will give brief descriptions of each of the four Ghost Recon Breakpoint classes, and hopefully, help you find a class suited to your play style.

Field Medic

The Field Medic is a healing class that allows you to heal and revive both yourself as well as your teammates with ease. This particular class’s proficiencies include First Aid, Pallbearer, and Phoenix; this essentially means you can revive faster, carry bodies faster, and can self-revive.

The Class Technique for the Field Medic, which is essentially a class’s unique ability, is the Healing Drone. When activated, the drone will heal and revive teammates. In order to fill the technique gauge, you will need to revive fallen teammates, damage or kill drones, or get your teammates to earn kills. Additionally, the Field Medic’s Class Item is the Medkit, which allows you to deploy a device that heals injuries and gain extra health.


The Assault class is a damage-dealing class that also gives you some durability thanks to its unique technique and proficiencies. Speaking of proficiencies, the Assault class’s proficiencies include Resilience and Assault Proficiency; this means you will have extra health and injury resistance, as well as bonuses with assault rifles and shotguns.

The Gas Grenade is the Assault Class’s Class Item; this item is thrown releasing a gas that deals damage over time. This is paired with the Class Technique, True Grit, which reduces recoil and makes you more resistant to damage. Kills while this ability is activated will also heal and extend its duration. To fill the Technique Gauge, you will need to get kills or deal damage to drones, garner kills with explosives, or get close-range kills.


The elusive Panther class is for those who want to be sneaky and engage in some CQC, similar to a certain Snake from a Nintendo fighting game that is kind of popular. Yep, that is where that character premiered. Definitely not a Hideo Kojima joint.

The Panther Class’s proficiencies include In the Shadows, Swift Steps, and Silent Death; this gives you bonus stealth and faster movement speed. Additionally, suppressors equipped on handguns and submachine guns will not reduce damage.

Cloaking Spray is the Panther’s Class Item which is applied to your character making them undetectable by enemy drones. Cloak & Run is the class’s Class Technique which allows you to deploy a smokescreen. Filling the Technique Gauge requires you to get kills or deal damage to drones, earn kills while stealth, or get close-range kills.


The Sharpshooter is another damage dealing class that uses distance and powerful single-shot weapons to eliminate their enemies. Sharpshooter proficiencies include Deep Lungs and Long Range Proficiency; this gives you longer breath control while you aim down sights, as well as bonuses to Sniper Rifles and DMR weapons.

The Sharpshooter’s Class Technique is Armor Buster; this gives you high-penetration bullets that can probably bust through some armor, as well as give you bonus damage and muzzle velocity. If you haven’t noticed the pattern yet, filling the Technique Gauge for this class can be done by killing or damaging drones, as well as garnering headshot kills and long-range kills. The Sensor Launcher is the Class Item for the Sharpshooter, allow you to mark enemies within a large area.

Which Ghost Recon Breakpoint Class Should You Pick?

It really depends on your play style and what you think you will enjoy the most. After all, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a game and should be enjoyed. There are a number of ways to play effectively, and these classes take advantage of certain facets of those play styles. For example, I use the Assault Class because I like playing damage-dealing roles, and I like to be on the “tankier” side in terms of durability.

If you want to deal damage, you should choose either the Assault or Sharpshooter classes. From there, it depends on whether you favor health over damage. Sharpshooter will give you more damage but may be more vulnerable during close-range scenarios. Assault gives you more opportunities to heal yourself and stay alive during a gunfight, but you will be fairly ineffective during scenarios that favor long-range or may find armor busting bullets useful.

If you’re looking for something a bit more “unique” in terms of play styles, go with the Field Medic or Panther classes. Both are very different from each other, but can certainly give you the edge in certain situations. The Field Medics ability to self-revive is great if you plan on playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It is also a very useful class during co-op play since you’ll be able to more easily revive your teammates.

The Panther class is good for those who may want to avoid conflict at all costs. If you are calm and patient, stealthily taking out a group of enemies without getting caught is rather satisfying. This class takes advantage of that playstyle allowing you to deal more damage with suppressed pistols. The Class Technique also gives you an out if you are being overwhelmed…. or gives you a reason to get up close for the kill.

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