Ghost Recon Breakpoint Brings Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher in Deep State

Kept you waiting, huh?.... Wait, wrong guy.

March 19, 2020

Looks like Sam Fisher is coming back to help the Ghosts. In a new Ghost Recon Breakpoint event called Deep State, the protagonist from the beloved Splinter Cell series will return.

Announced in a new trailer, a new adventure called Deep State will begin on March 24. Seen in the video below, you can hear Sam Fisher (voiced by Michael Ironside) talk about the events that have occurred on Aurora, the island setting of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It ends with the title of the adventure, and Sam Fisher’s iconic green-lit goggles turning on.

Details for the Deep State event are sparse, but according to a recent tweet, details will be shared soon.


This is not the first time Sam Fisher and the Ghosts have partnered to take out a threat. There was a mission in Ghost Recon Wildlands that also featured the popular character. The mission also brought Splinter Cell themed items your Ghost could equip, including the previously mentioned goggles.

This is not the first Ghost Recon Breakpoint event to crossover with another franchise. As mentioned in the teaser, the Terminator made an appearance with its own event. This brought new vehicles, items, and cosmetics to the game, including the Uzi, the RTS Shepherd Terminator vehicle, and the shredded T-800 facial paint cosmetic. While it isn’t confirmed, I would imagine Splinter Cell themed items would make their way to the game with Deep State.

You can check out our full thoughts on the Ghosts’  most recent adventure in our review. Former writer Jordan Boyd said, “There’s a considerable amount of issues with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, however, the game has tons of room for growth as time goes on.”

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is available to purchase now for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Stadia. As mentioned, the new adventure Deep State will begin on March 24.

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