Ghost Recon Breakpoint Update Deep State Let's You Fight with Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher

Ready to fight alongside Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher? The new Ghost Recon Breakpoint update Deep State brings the beloved character out of hiatus.

Splinter Cell‘s Sam Fisher is back! Ghost Recon Breakpoint update Deep State brings the popular protagonist out of hiatus in a new adventure.

Beginning March 24, you can fight alongside Sam Fisher in a brand new adventure to stop “The Strategist,” who has been kidnapping military specialists all over the world. The first mission of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint update Deep State will be free, but you will need the Year 1 Pass to play it in its entirety. Additionally, the new Engineer and Echelon classes will be introduced and will be free for everyone. However, Year 1 Pass holders will have instant access and one-week early access to the new classes.

Here is a list of the other rewards and additions that come with the Ghost Recon Breakpoint update Deep State:

  • Blacklist Helicopter
  • New Figures
  • 4th Echelon Gear Set
  • SC-40K weapon (Maria’s Shop)
  • Maxim 9 | Echelon weapon (Maria’s Shop)
  • 4th Echelon Goggles (Mission 1 Reward)
  • 4 New PvP Maps (Ghost War)

This is not the first time Sam Fisher has aided the Ghosts. In fact, the trailer above mentions his last cameo. The beloved character also made an appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands. The last time Sam Fisher has been in his own adventure was 2013’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

As mentioned, the Ghost Recon Breakpoint update Deep State will be playable on March 24. If you do not already own the game, you can begin playing for free this weekend starting March 26. You can check out our review to see what we think of the Ghosts’ latest adventure.

What I want to know, is Splinter Cell‘s Sam Fisher stuck in the Tom Clancy video game universe for eternity or will we finally get a proper Splinter Cell entry starring the popular agent? Hopefully, the series can make a return soon, but until then, I guess we can enjoy fighting alongside him in Auroa.

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