Ghost Recon Wildlands Special Operation 3 Introduces Future Soldier Content

Ghost Recon Wildlands Special Operation 3 is introducing the Future Soldier franchise to Wildlands in another crossover update.

Special Operation 3 for Ghost Recon Wildlands continues Ubisoft’s crossing over of its various franchises, now with the Ghost Recon Future Soldier game of 2012.

The trailer for Special Operation 3 indicates that while investigating some newly discovered uranium deposits somewhere in the Wildlands map of Bolivia. The Ghost Scott Mitchell is back and John Kozak is on the ground but then, “We have a situation” and hand-to-earpiece happens and you know what comes next. Explosions, gunfire, and the usual Wildlands open world mayhem.

Special Operation 3 will also include Future Soldier parachute wing customization, photo mode, silent spade pack, infantry forces pack, 5 new icons and 90+ new items in battle crates. New weapons (such as the F2000) for challenge rewards and the in-game store, new maps for Ghost War PvP, a Vangauard and Sharpshooter class as well. All of this is avaialble now for Year 2 Pass holders and for everyone else next week. A Future Soldier equipment prototype (invisibility) is also included as part of the PvE missions. The full details for the update can be found at Ghost Recon’s site.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier released on in 2012 and partially took place in South America in Bolivia, making this one of the easiest crossovers for the game to do. Previous crossovers included with Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six Siege, and even the Predator. The Ghost Recons Wildlands Year 2 Pass is currently $29.99 and gets you access to content early as well as Battle Crates, Ubisoft’s version of loot crates.

Join familiar faces in the Wildlands for a mission that raises the stakes higher than ever before. Scott Mitchell needs Nomad and his team to help rookie John Kozak, the youngest Ghost ever, investigate a mysterious plot that links the Santa Blanca cartel to a nuclear threat.

Upon completing this mission, you will have access to a prototype to the iconic cloaking device. Each play that completes the mission will get the Optical Camo. When equipped it will offer a boost to stealth.

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