Ghost of Tsushima Art Director Talks About Open World, Colors, Protagonist, and More

Ghost of Tsushima Art Director Talks About Open World, Colors, Protagonist, and More

Sucker Punch talks about Ghost of Tsushima's big open world, its protagonist Jin Sakai, and the story they're trying to tell.

The gameplay debut of Ghost of Tsushima was absolutely impressive but left players with a lot of questions. Some of those were answered by Art Director Jason Connell during a livestreamed Q&A on Twitch.

Connell mentions that choice of color palette comes from the fact that Japan is a gorgeous place. The team could have created a ransacked, war-torn environment, but they wanted to show the contrast between this beautiful place and battle and visceral combat.

The player will be able to explore a “big world.” It’s not a “completely sunny experience” as there are storms on the horizon and more. Whatever you can see, you can travel to. The goal is to have the full island available, that being said there are a lot of “new places” that the developers are putting into the game to make it a really interesting place to explore.

The team is “super-inspired” by history, and their goal is to create a “pretty faithful homage” to it, but at the same time, the game is an “original experience.”

The demo showcased at PlayStation’s conference was to show Jin Sakai as a stoic samurai, but he also knows compassion. He is facing the huge task to save the island against the fearsome invaders.

Jin’s traditional fighting style isn’t always going to work in his new situation, so he has to attempt new things, and it’s going to be difficult for him. The goal is to be able to enjoy both fighting and stealth. Progression will, of course, be a part of the game, but Sucker Punch isn’t ready to talk about it.

The story that they’re trying to portray is about a samurai who has trained its own life to become a lethal warrior and has to go through a transformation.

Asked about the villain, Connell mentioned that Sucker Punch tries to create multi-dimensional and believable enemies. They’re keeping that tradition alive with Ghost on Tsushima.

The game is coming exclusively to PS4, but doesn’t have a release window just yet. You can check out the recent gameplay reveal, and some lovely new screenshots.