Ghost of Tsushima’s Gameplay with Japanese Voices Is Just Perfect; Watch it in Action

Ghost of Tsushima’s Gameplay with Japanese Voices Is Just Perfect; Watch it in Action

Ghost of Tsushima will feature optional Japanese voice acting, and now you can hear what it sounds like in a dedicated trailer.

Shortly after Ghost of Tsushima was first announced, I wrote an article on how optional Japanese voice acting would have been a perfect fit for Ghost of Tsushima. At PlayStation Experience, Sucker Punch teased that it was a possibility. Now that the game has been fully unveiled at E3, we finally learned that the option will be included and Japanese voice overs are supported.

Today, we actually get to hear how it sounds, thanks to the Japanese version of the demo we saw at Sony’s press conference. We get to hear Jin and Masako in Japanese, and the effect is just perfect.

I’m not saying that the game is an inferior experience in English: after all, this is a western game, and the scriptwriters are likely to be American. It’s simply different. Due to the nature of Japanese language, the lines are delivered with a different intensity and with a sense of urgency and emphasis that would fit perfectly in one of those samurai movies of old that you used to only find in Japanese with subtitles in a corner of your local rental store (I know that now it’s different with Netflix, but let me reminisce).

Incidentally, Sony made the right choice. While the protagonists speak in Japanese, the Mongol invaders still talk in their own language.

You can check out the trailer below, and start thinking about which language you’ll play the game in. Personally, I know I’ll play it at least twice, once in English, and once in Japanese.

If you want to see more of Ghost of Tsushima, you can enjoy the spectacular environmental footage released yesterday.

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