All in! Games Drops Stylish Gameplay Trailer for Ghostrunner at Gamescom

Ghostrunner is an upcoming game from One More Level and All in! Games that looks like a mash-up between Dishonored and Mirror's Edge with a cyberpunk theme.

August 23, 2019

Ghostrunner is an upcoming game from developer One More Level and publisher All in! Games. In motion, the game looks like a slick mash-up of Dishonored and Mirror’s Edge with a cyberpunk theme tying everything together. The game isn’t coming out until sometime next year; however, it’s already looking quite good. Check out the gameplay teaser below to see what I’m talking about.

In Ghostrunner, the world has endured a global cataclysm and the remains of humanity live in giant tower-city built by a person known as The Architect. Now, the tower is ruled by The Keymaster and, under their watch, the tower has been torn apart by “violence, poverty, and chaos.” You play as a cyber-warrior and must fight your way to the top of the tower, uncovering the structure’s many secrets along the way.

The trailer from Gamescom shows off how agile your cyber-warrior will be in action. You’ll darts around the battlefield, using the environment and your own twitch reactions to get the drop on The Keymaster’s cronies. We see the player running along walls and even slowing down time to dodge out of the way of lasers. It also looks like every bullet that hits will kill you. Meaning that precise movement throughout the world is incredibly important. If the team can nail the controls, this one has the potential to be special.

Ghostrunner will release some time in 2020. It will come to PC, PS4, and Xbox One upon release. Stick with DualShockers for updates about this and other news coming out of Gamescom.

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