Ghosts of Meridian Detailed in Preview by Developer 343 Industries

Ghosts of Meridian Detailed in Preview by Developer 343 Industries

Developer 343 Industries has unveiled some new details for next week’s Ghosts of Meridian update in Halo 5: Guardians, which includes a new Arena map, Warzone map, REQ cards, and various updates to the game’s systems.


In addition to the below maps, vehicles, weapons, skins, armors, emblems, and more, Ghosts of Meridian will include a variety of game improvements based on your feedback, including multiplayer updates and fixes, sandbox, weapon, and vehicle adjustments, improvements to REQ Station UI performance, a lengthy list of Forge additions, fixes, and improvements, SWAT DMRs as well as a rebalance of SWAT game types within the playlist, and more. As always, we’ll be detailing the full patch notes as Ghosts of Meridian arrives.

The Arena map Tyrant, when in the concept stage, was thought to be a forerunner structure caught in an asteroid belt, with rock debris filling its surroundings.

It is a symmetrical match made for Capture the Flag and Assault game modes. Sniper and scattershot weapon spawns are present on the map, and a man cannon helps with moving the enemy flag away from pursuers.

Skirmish at Darkstar, the Warzone map, contains both improved boss enemies, and gates that can be opened and closed by players. Prometheans on the map will be traveling around with stolen UNSC vehicles, so there will be more pathways between the map’s bases.


The map is more infantry focused as well, with structures in the center of the map providing cover and alternate paths. While it may be the smallest map in landmass it is, “the most dense in terms of cover and choice of routes through the environment.”

Darkstar also features a new beginning to Warzone matches, with the Pelican dropping both teams facing the center of the map where a Promethean Scout awaits. Whoever gets the last hit will receive an early advantage.

Two legendary bosses are introduced:

  • Endurance-of-Will is a higher-ranked and significantly tougher Knight adversary.
  • A Promethean Soldier has hijacked a UNSC Mantis.

Lastly, 343 will be livestreaming the Ghosts of Meridian content on Tuesday, April 5th at 3pm Pacific Time on Halo’s Twitch channel.