Ghostwire: Tokyo Creative Director Ikumi Nakamura Has Surprisingly Left Tango Gameworks

After becoming a worldwide phenomenon earlier this year, Ikumi Nakamura is now a free agent in the video game industry.

Perhaps no other person (other than Keanu Reeves) was as talked about as much as Tango Gameworks’ Ikumi Nakamura this past summer at E3 2019. After presenting Tango’s next game, Ghostwire: Tokyo, earlier this year, Nakamura became beloved by many due to the charm she exuded on stage when presenting the game.

As of today though, Nakamura surprisingly announced that she has now departed from Tango. Nakamura released a tweet this afternoon saying, “After 9 years as Creative director & Art Director at Tango and Zenimax – I felt here is one of ends of the journeys. I learned from the talented people I’ve worked with and I respect.” Nakamura doesn’t seem to have another opportunity lined up at the moment either, ending her tweet by saying that she’s open working with new people and attaching a link to her LinkedIn profile.

It’s a bit of a surprise to see Nakamura leave before Ghostwire has finished development, though it’s not unprecedented. Halo Infinite’s own creative director left 343 Industries just last month, as well. It’s unclear if Nakamura’s leave from Tango was planned or not, but from her messages, it sounds as though she opted to leave the company of her own accord.

Regardless, Nakamura is incredibly talented and will likely end up somewhere else before long. Whether or not she’ll remain in the realm of developing horror games or not though remains to be seen.

As for Ghostwire: Tokyo, there’s still not too much we know about the project. As of this writing, a release window and platforms for the game have yet to be given, but we should hear more down the road.

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