Ghostwire: Tokyo Lets You Pet All the Dogs in the City

Ghostwire: Tokyo Lets You Pet All the Dogs in the City

Using "Work in Pawgress" footage, Shinji Mikami confirmed that you'll be able to pet the dog in Tango Gameworks' upcoming Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Today’s Quakecon Digital show was a bit lackluster in terms of massive announcements. That said, Shinji Mikami did show up with the biggest announcement of the week, if not all time. That’s right gamers, Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo isn’t just about saving Tokyo from weird spooky guys. It’s also a dog-petting simulator. With most of the city’s citizens have been disappeared, it’s now your job to pet all of your new furry friends. Give the “Work in Pawgress” trailer a watch below.

Look, jokes aside, it was a bit of a slow news day on the QuakeCon front. Obviously, the news that Doom Eternal‘s DLC is coming to Gamescom is the big news. And an announcement of an announcement is never going to get the people going. So, Bethesda did the one thing they could: add puppies.

That little doggie is so cute. And stands in stark contrast to all the spooky spirits that have taken over Tokyo. Speaking of the Visitors, they better not be able to murder the pups. I almost had to stop playing The Last of Us Part 2 when they made you kill a dog. Those adorable little guys should just be left alone.

Concerns about virtual dog welfare aside, Ghostwire: Tokyo continues to push all the right buttons for me. The “karate meets magic” gameplay looks like the right kind of ridiculous. Add in the intriguing premise and promise of top-class spooks and I’m all the way in. Hopefully, Tango Gameworks can deliver another great game.

Ghostwire: Tokyo comes to PC and PS5 at some point in 2021.