Giana Sisters DS Coming to the US

Giana Sisters DS Coming to the US


Once again the ESRB has leaked information that will probably piss somebody off.

Ex-Fullmetal Alchemist publisher Destineer will be bringing Giana Sisters DS to American gamers.

The DS title is a remake of a CLASSIC Amiga title known for being a wholesale ripoff of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Nintendo has historically been known for not porting their games to other consoles so developer Time Warp Productions thought it was a good idea to build a game for the home computer crowd that was a near exact clone of Mario Bros. Nintendo, of course, took action and pulled the game from shelves making it a hot collector’s item today.

This didn’t stop DTP Entertainment and developer Spellbound Interactive from totally remaking the game in 2009 for the DS for release in Australia and Europe. And now, finally, America. The wait is over and we can all finally share the experience.

Giana Sisters DS is still a huge Mario knock off but at least it tries to have some of its own style. And hey, it’s not like Americans aren’t used to buying the same games over and over again, right?