Improve Your Life Significantly With This Giant Kirby Plush

Improve Your Life Significantly With This Giant Kirby Plush

So far, there aren't concrete plans to sell this giant Kirby plush outside of Japan.

There are two inevitable truths about Kirby: he’s shaped like a friend, and he always makes things better. For anyone that needs more Kirby in their life, Japan’s Takara Tomy has you covered. The Japanese store has opened pre-orders for a massive Kirby plush with a whole lot of uses beyond looking adorable.

The extra-large Kirby plush will measure 23 inches wide, 14 inches tall, and 31 inches long. That’s a lot of Kirby. Promotional shots for the massive plush show it being used as, well, just about anything. It’s large enough to be a pillow, and can even go on your lap whenever you’re using your laptop. I wouldn’t recommend that latter part though, laptop air circulation and big plushes usually don’t mix well.

Customers can pick up this massive plush of the famous Nintendo character for 11,000 Yen, or around $105. There is a caveat though. So far, it’s not confirmed that customers outside of Japan will be able to pick up one of these massive plushes. On the plush’s product page, there is a small note that reads “This product may be sold outside Japan.” Until it’s confirmed that customers in other countries can pick up a giant Kirby, they’re out of luck.

Kirby Plush

Credit: Takara Tomy

On the other hand, those in Japan have to act fast. Pre-orders for the plush are available now, but will close on February 28, or when a certain number of orders are received. After that, customers should begin receiving their Kirbys by the end of June.

If you’re looking for a big plush to take up space in your room immediately, there are plenty of options. The Japan Pokemon Center is selling massive Appletun plushes. For those that just want a Kirby with more functionality, Nintendo partnered with Bandai to make another Kirby plush. However, this one will keep you nice and toasty, warming up when plugged into a USB port.