Gigantic Officially Out Now on PC and Xbox One; Receives New Launch Trailer

Gigantic has finally left beta and is currently available to all players across PC and Xbox One.

July 21, 2017

Developer Motiga Inc and publisher Perfect World Entertainment have officially released its third person MOBA Gigantic across PC and Xbox One. The game has been in beta for a while, receiving multiple updates and quality of life changes, and it is finally removing the beta tag. In addition to the game officially releasing today, Motiga Inc have also released a new launch trailer, which can be seen below.

In addition to today’s official release, Gigantic is also adding a new character to its roster. Ramsay is a tough melee fighter that utilizes evasive moves, poison, and a deadly whipblade. The development team is committed to bringing a new map or character with every major update. The release also includes a number of balance changes and bug fixes. A few weeks ago, voice chat was implemented into the game and an update adding push to talk is scheduled to release in August.


Players interested in Gigantic can of course play the game for free. For those wanting a little more, Motiga Inc is offering a few packs in multiple tiers that players can purchase. Here is a breakdown of the packs currently being offered:


We are happy to introduce the Gigantic Ultimate Pack! Note that all Founder’s Pack owners will be automatically upgraded to the Ultimate Pack, which contains the following items:

  • All Heroes. Forever. Ultimate Pack owners unlock all current Heroes and all future Heroes coming to Gigantic!
  • 2 Exclusive Skins: Warlord of the West (Lord Knossos), Cloudracer (Beckett)
  • 200 Rubies
  • 10 Win Prestige Boost
  • 10 Bonus Fortune Card Draws

Arc and Steam users will also receive an additional code for the Starter Pack. Unfortunately, Windows 10 Store and Xbox One users will not receive a code due to limitations of the Microsoft platform:

  • 1 Starter Pack Friend Code (Arc and Steam Users Only)


For those looking for theThe Gigantic Starter Pack contains the following items:

  • 8 Heroes: Beckett, Charnok, HK-206, Lord Knossos, The Margrave, Tyto the Swift, Uncle Sven, Xenobia
  • 1 Exclusive Skin: Warlord of the West (Lord Knossos)
  • 100 Rubies
  • 1 Win Prestige Boost
  • 5 Bonus Fortune Card Draws


Don’t want to pick up the Ultimate Pack right away? Don’t worry; the Upgrade Pack allows you to easily upgrade from the Starter Pack to the Ultimate Pack:

  • All Heroes. Forever. Ultimate Pack owners unlock all current heroes and all future heroes coming to Gigantic!
  • 1 Exclusive Skin: Cloudracer (Beckett)
  • 100 Rubies
  • 9 Win Prestige Boost
  • 5 Bonus Fortune Card Draws
  • 1 Starter Pack Friend Code (Arc and Steam Users Only)

Gigantic is currently available as a free to play title on Xbox One and PC via Steam, ARC and Windows 10. Players who choose to use Steam as their platform can earn an exclusive free Beckett skin by playing one match using the Steam platform.

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