Gio Corsi, Formerly of PlayStation, Has Now Joined IllFonic as Their “Chief Product Officer”

Gio Corsi, Formerly of PlayStation, Has Now Joined IllFonic as Their “Chief Product Officer”

Gio Corsi is joining IllFonic, the developer behind games like Friday the 13th: The Game and the upcoming Predator: Hunting Ground.

Late last year, Gio Corsi announced that he was stepping away from Sony. The Vita’s biggest fan didn’t have an announcement at the time about where he was going. However, now we know that he will be joining Predator: Hunting Grounds developer IllFonic in a new position.

At PlayStation, Corsi started as Senior Director of Third-Party Production and Developer Relations. He joined the team in 2013, just as the PS4 was about to launch. Over his time with the company, he transitioned to Head of Global Second-Party Games and became a bigger “personality” for Sony. As we moved through PS4’s lifespan, it became a rarity that a PlayStation press conference would go by with Corsi making an on-stage appearance.

His new position is quite interesting. We’ve seen somewhat similar moves across the industry. Developers who take upper-level jobs at bigger companies sometimes get the itch to get their hands back in development. When Adam Boyes left Sony in 2016, he quickly signed up with Iron Galaxy because he wanted to create again. I’m not saying Corsi’s move was absolutely the same, but it certainly seems likely. His new position will see him working more intimately with this smaller team to pursue new business opportunities for the developer.

IllFonic’s next game is Predator: Hunting Grounds. The asymmetrical multiplayer title lets you play as the titular Predator. It’s coming to PC and PS4 on April 24. It will be worth paying attention to what the company does next, as that’s surely where we’ll start to see that patented Gio Corsi influence. Will it be a Vita release? Probably.