PlayStation's Gio Corsi Has Announced His Departure from the Company

The Vita's biggest proponent, Gio Corsi, has revealed that last week was his final one at PlayStation.

One of the most recognizable faces from the team at PlayStation has now revealed that he is no longer at the company.

Gio Corsi, who has been one of the most frequent personalities seen on-stage at PlayStation events over the years, announced on Twitter today that his final week at Sony was last week. Corsi served as a Senior Director of Third Party Production and Developer Relations at PlayStation in addition to being the Head of Global Second Party Games. As of now, Corsi has not said where he will be going next.

Corsi was well known in the PlayStation community for being one of the biggest proponents of the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s most recent handheld platform. When Corsi would appear at events like PlayStation Experience or E3, it often resulted in him announcing new titles coming to the Vita. In fact, his note on Twitter announcing his leaving from Sony mentioned the Vita saying, “Thanks for it all & long love the Vita!”

Corsi’s departure from Sony comes about just weeks after SIE Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden was also revealed to be leaving Sony. The departures of both Layden and Corsi likely aren’t linked whatsoever, but it is a bit strange to see so many notable faces leaving PlayStation within the past few months, especially before the launch of the PS5. Then again, if you’re going to move on from a company like Sony, you may as well move on while you’re on top of the competition.

We’ll keep you updated in the coming weeks about where Corsi lands next, assuming he stays within the realm of video games.

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