Girl Gamer: Part III -- Random Rants

By Christine Adviento

November 18, 2009

We are a rare breed, us Gamer Girls.  You can’t really pick us out of a crowd even though you boys think you can.  It’s pretty difficult to do so.


Because we don’t look like gamers.  We don’t always dress with fanboy / fangirl art or flash our Super Mario Princess Peach shirts around.  We may wear them occasionally but how do you know we just don’t wear the shirts because we like them and not because we game?  See! You really can’t tell us apart from any other girl.

But you’ll know exactly who we are when you see us; maybe at a local entertainment venue where there are video games, or you might see us at your homeboy’s pad multi-playing with a shooter game.  You just don’t know.

How do you treat us?

How do you treat your mom?  Do you pretend your playing GTA and bash her with a tailpipe?  Heck No!  That’s your momma! She gave birth to you!  You treat us Girl Gamers with respect, the way you would treat your momma.  Not unless we give you a reason to disrespect us then that is a different story.  (Sorry not handling out names this time)!!!

Not ALL the Girl Gamers are … um, …. Mean.  If you provoke us enough and you say stuff that would really make us angry, then that’s when stuff starts to happen.  And it gets worse if we’re with our friends.  (Again, totally different story if any particular Girl Gamer hangs out with ONLY girls.   Which in that case, I suggest she just runs…. runs like her Life depended on it; and her girls too)! 

Why Ratchet & Clank is the Most Important PS5 Game

Look, I know that the video game industry is male fueled world.  Give or take maybe, 90% of the work force are male.  That would leave about 10% for the female race.  And that right there, you’re not even guaranteed a gamer out of the 10%  (not unless they’re in the testing department — different story).  Us girls are just as likely to pick up anything you boys can do, and we can probably do it more efficiently if not better.

Us Girl Gamers are all different looking, different dressing, different everything.  We’re just really hard to find.

I can tell you from experience that once you find a Girl Gamer who can actually play alongside the guys, hang like the guys, and still keep your girly traits, most guys will respect you more.  But hey, that’s just my opinion and from my experiences.  Granted there are still some idiots out there who are still running on primative time, most guys like girls who can play games.

Where do you find us?

That I can’t really answer; we’re everywhere though, I can tell you that.  Just not at the arcades — they’re are barely any left.  We might be online on PSN or Xbox360 Live.

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