Girl Gamer Part IV: Random Acts of Violent Gaming 2

By Christine Adviento

November 19, 2009

It’s another installment of the Gamer Girl files.

So a bunch of friends and I decided to hop into one car and take a visit to Japantown in San Francisco, CA to go shopping.

After hours of walking around and checking out the shops we decided to go to Japantown Bowl to see what games they had.  Lo and behold, there it sat..  At the very entrance — what seemed like the entrance to the best place on Earth — sat a KI machine.  Swear we heard the angels singing.  Anyways.

We did our usual rounds of battling each other and tag teaming, and just practicing our moves.  (Swear it felt like wherever there was a KI machine and us around, trouble loomed).

Three guys dressed like, i guess you could say thugs, walked in and approached the KI machine.  They watched us battle each other, the heard us smack talk to each other.  Granted it was within our group and we don’t take smack talk to heavily between us all.

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I guess these guys felt it was upon their authority to deal out some major whoopin on us and asked us if they could battle.  Of course, why would the boys turn down competition?  I being the only girl there, having been dressed up and all dolled up for once (skirt, blouse, nice light jacket), of course someting WAS going to happen.  It was bound to happen at some point.

So we all decided and agreed upon that in order for the battles to be fair we would tag team versus the other group.  And so we did.  Until it was my turn.

So yah, here I am dressed up (not in jeans, a t-shirt, and light hoodie).  A girl playing KI with a bunch of boys. 

Round 1 begins, and the guy turns to me and says, “Get ready to get your ass beat.”  Yah, okay.  My only decision was to watch how he played, his moves on screen and off (the button mashing or lack there of).  He wasn’t buttonmashing but nevertheless his game style was pretty cheesy for my taste.

Round 2 began and all I remember hearing was, “Sir, the round is starting. Get ready for a REAL man to lay a B* smack on your ass!”  I know he wasn’t talking to me.  At this point in time, everyone MADE me play the whole 2 rounds (3 if he had beaten me on the 2nd round).  So I am standing there, in a skirt, a nice blouse, and my jacket.  I kept thinking to myself for the next few seconds, “He did that on purpose.” 

At this point I really didn’t care about the game because this fart knocker called me Sir.  So I did what any girl, or any other gamer would do.  I turned to him told him to ‘F – Off’ because at this point I’m just fuming angry! 

He returns his attention to the screen as do I all while my friends are smack talking to him.  I throw a few combos as he does the same back to me, but as I am already agitated and angry with the comment he made, I decided to just beat him up with Fulgore.

Game ends, he’s mad, I’m angry, and everyone else is irate.  He turns to me after I beat him and says, “Sorry.”

SORRY!  Sorry’s not going to cut it.  So I then told him, “Thank you for the opportunity to beat you at KI in front of your friends AND the mass of strangers watching right now.” 

And my friends and I left to go to Pier 39 to go walk around, eat,  and shop.

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