The Girl and the Robot Deluxe Edition Making its Way to PS4 September 22

Soedesco has announced that they will be publishing The Girl and Robot Deluxe Edition on PS4, and that it will be releasing September 22.

on July 20, 2017 11:43 AM

Flying Carpets Games, a Montreal based developer released its first game The Girl and the Robot on PC last August, before bringing the title to Wii U in May of this year, and then to PS4 in June. Now, Soedesco has announced that they are partnering with Flying Carpets Games to release a physical version of the game, titled The Girl and the Robot Deluxe Edition on September 22.

The Girl and the Robot is described by the developers as an “action-adventure puzzler”. During the game, players must Switch between both the girl and the robot, with the girl focusing more on puzzle solving and getting into smaller areas, and the robot focusing more on using his bow and arrows to activate switches and engage in combat.

The Girl and the Robot’s story focuses on the growing bond between the aforementioned girl and robot as they both attempt to escape from an evil witch. The developers also mentioned that the game and its story are heavily inspired by titles such as The Legend of Zelda and Ico. 

In addition to the base game, The Girl and the Robot Deluxe Edition also comes with a copy of the game’s soundtrack. It was composed by Eiko Nichols, who has worked on other Soedesco titles including Earthlock: Festival of Magic. The Girl and the Robot isn’t the only title Soedesco is giving a physical release; it was recently announced that Soedesco would be publishing a physical edition of Pharonic on the same day, September 22.

You can looks at some screenshots and box art of the game and watch a new trailer for it below. The Girl and Robot Deluxe Edition will be coming to PS4 on September 22.

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