Glaciered: An Adventure Game Set In A Submerged Future Is Officially Announced

Kei Shibuya redefines the future of indie games.

July 26, 2022

Key Shibuya, the developer of titles such as Lost Ember, Superhot, Project Nimbus, and more, has announced a brand new sci-fi action-adventure game, Glaciered.

The news comes via PRtimes Japan, which states that the upcoming sci-fi action-adventure game is currently in the works by Shibuya’s own personal game studio, Snowblind. The game takes place 65 million years in the distant future, where evolved birds fly in the icy seas that have completely submerged the entire earth. A Steam page is also now available for fans to add Glaciered to their wishlist. Unfortunately, a release date for the upcoming title has yet to be announced.


Glaciered portrays a unique world that is under the constant influence of the “Everwinter”. A new frozen golden age where new species of plants and fishes roam around, and have biological attributes beyond common sense. You play as one of these transformed fishes named the Tuai, a descended bioform from birds and successors of the extinct dinosaurs. They are now able to adapt, prosper and fight in this everlasting winter, and the threats that are about to consume it.

Just like the flora and fauna of the ocean, these new species of fish have learned to adapt to the new world changes and are able to swim at high speeds, vaporizing the water around them. They can also use disposable blades made of instant crystals to fight and manipulate heat. Players in Glaciered will be able to discover other unique ecosystems spread across the ocean floor, and fight new families of fish that have learned to adapt to the changes in their own different way.

Glaciered supports NIVIDA RTX features, and players will be able to experience the Earth of the distant future in 4K with ray tracing and DLSS; 8K are also used for the main characters. The game is the studio’s first independent work, and the mission is to create titles that pursue the individuality and creativity unique to indie games. According to the Steam store page, the game will have full English language support for audio and text. The price and release date of the game is yet to be decided.

Mohamed Hassan

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