Gladiabots Launches Into Early Access on Steam Next Month

Gladiabots Launches Into Early Access on Steam Next Month

Gladiabots will enter early access starting next month on August 9.

French developer GX47 announced today that its robot fighting game Gladiabots will be entering early access on PC early next month on August 9.

Gladiabots is all about constructing the AI of your robot squad before sending them out to do battle. Over time you will improve, make changes, and continually send your robot back out into the arena to defeat all of your opponents.

For those a bit unfamiliar with Gladiabots, you can find a full list of features for the game as follows:

  • Create your own AI and watch your robots execute it in the arena

  • Fix it, improve it and repeat until you outsmart all your opponents

  • Simple and powerful AI programming system offering millions of possible combinations (with no programming skills required)

  • Create and customize your robot crew

  • Single player campaign mode

  • Online multiplayer career mode featuring, ranked, unranked and private matches

  • Create and compete in tournaments

  • Asynchronous multiplayer – battle friends even if they are not online

  • Sandbox mode in which you control both teams to test your tactics

  • Rank up and earn points to unlock new robot skins

  • Cross-platform multiplayer – compete against players of both the Steam and mobile versions

  • Shared account – seamlessly switch between Steam and mobile with one account and share your progress across both platforms

Additionally, Gladiabots received a new launch trailer that highlights the game’s combat and its new early access launch date. You can find this video below.

Currently, Gladiabots is available on Android devices with a version for iOS coming later. As stated in the features list, the mobile and PC versions of the game will be available for cross-platform play.