Gladiux Announced by Acquire, Coming in 2020 and Possibly to PS5 (Updated)

The studio behind Octopath Traveler announced Gladiux, based on Gladiator Begins on PSP but with a much bigger scale, volume and budget.

This week’s Famitsu magazine includes an interview with Acquire’s representative Takuma Endo. In the interview, Endo revealed Acquire is working on a brand new action-adventure game titled Gladiux. Famitsu technically isn’t out yet, and this is information from the usual leaks.

According to Takuma Endo, Gladiux is based on Gladiator Begins, which Acquire launched on PSP in 2010. The game will be way bigger and will be running on Unreal Engine. Acquire is aiming to make it into a high-budget game.

Takuma Endo didn’t speak about Gladiux‘s platforms, but surprisingly, he mentioned it might be coming to PS5.

As you probably already know, Acquire is the studio behind Octopath Traveler, which is, in my opinion, is overrated and is simply an ok JRPG with a great battle system but highly disappointing stories. A mobile prequel for Octopath Traveler is coming in 2020 and the game will probably launch in the west too. A sequel on consoles is also coming.
Acquire also recently launched a yuri-themed game titled Jinrui no Minasama e in Japan for PS4 and Switch. While I didn’t try it myself yet, the game is reportedly pretty bad, sadly.
Lastly, Acquire is also launching a spinoff of Way of the Samurai called Katanakami on PS4, Switch and PC on February 21 in Japan.

This article might get updated with new information when Famitsu will be available in a few hours.

Update: Gladiator X‘ name was officially confirmed as Gladiux. Here are additional info and screenshots from Famitsu. Keep in mind these aren’t direct-feed screenshots.

Gladiux is co-developed by Acquire and a currently undisclosed non-Japanese studio. Update: The studio is Starcaster Games. The players control a gladiator in Roma during the rule of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, from 161 to 180. As a gladiator, players will fight their way through victory and glory.

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