Glide Minigame Coming to Console Versions of Minecraft Tomorrow

Glide Minigame Coming to Console Versions of Minecraft Tomorrow

The console versions of Minecraft are getting a elytra focused Glide minigame tomorrow.

Mojang announced today that a special Glide minigame is coming to the console versions of Minecraft in an update tomorrow, March 28.

This minigame has players donning a pair of elytra and flying through an aerial track. While there will only be one at the game’s launch, more will come in the future, both as free and paid DLC.  The Time attack mode tasks players with making their way through all of the course’s rings as fast as possible. Score Attack mode has players competing along different routes for the highest score. One can tell the value of a ring by its color, with green giving the least amount of points, yellow bleeding a decent amount, and blue giving players the most.


All of these modes can be played either alone or online. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game will also have leaderboards for the mode, alongside a lobby boost that lets up to sixteen players are supported in the Glide and Battle minigames online.

You can check out some screenshots and watch a video featuring the minigame below.