Trailer Released for Boardgame Turned Video Game, Gloomhaven

Trailer Released for Boardgame Turned Video Game, Gloomhaven

Top ranking tabletop game Gloomhaven takes a shot at conquering the world of video gaming with an announcement trailer for its rogue-like adaptation.

Juggernaut of board-gaming Gloomhaven set its sights on the world of video games. Flaming Fowl studios recently dropped a trailer for the upcoming game which, as of yet, has no concrete release date.

The top ranking tabletop game sees players venture to a dark corner of the world where they must team up to dispatch enemies within dungeons and ruins. Developed by Asmodee Digital, the video game is set to be an adaptation of the source material as opposed to a direct digital conversion. Gloomhaven promises to feature turn-based gameplay with a variety of different classes to choose from, allowing for a high level of strategic options. The game will play out in a rogue-like fashion with combat taking place in a turn-based play-style.

Surviving the game’s vicious encounters within the randomly generated dungeons gives players the chance to strengthen their teams by adding new abilities.

Gloomhaven is scheduled for release on Steam in the first quarter of 2019. You can check out the announcement trailer below and the game can be added to your Steam WishList now.

While Gloomhaven is making the jump from tabletop to video game, digital classic The Binding of Isaac is moving in the opposite direction having recently ended its tremendously successful Kickstarter for The binding of Isacc: Four Souls.