Gnosia – Disco Elysium’s Japanese Rival – Launches in English Early 2021 on Switch

Gnosia – Disco Elysium’s Japanese Rival – Launches in English Early 2021 on Switch

Developed by only four people, the masterpiece Gnosia will actually get an English localization through Playism. It's coming to Switch in early 2021.

Playism announced on the latest Nintendo Indie World Showcase that Gnosia will be localized in English in early 2021. On Switch. Inspired from Loup-Garou or the Werewolf game, Gnosia features colorful characters on a spaceship. However, one or more of these characters is Gnosia. A life form which take the appearance of others and eliminates humanoid beings. First, each night on the spaceship, the Gnosia will erase one of the characters. Secondly, the remaining characters, the player included, will try to find the Gnosia. By voting for who’s the most suspicious person. A concept everyone knows nowadays with Among Us. A cold sleep system is used on the character with the most votes. The days goes on until the Gnosia kills everyone or until it’s put in cold sleep.

Moreover, once you’re done with your first run, the game Gnosia loops over and over with new possibilities, characters, and scenarios. Each run will take between 5 to 15 minutes, and it’s up to you to keep going and reach out to the truth.

A single run can contain multiple Gnosia characters. Moreover, the Gnosia can be the player themselves. In that case, they need to kill everyone without being found out. At some point you are also able to customize your run, picking beforehand the numbers of Gnosia, the characters, and their roles.

Why compare Gnosia to Disco Elysium?

We thoroughly explained the game systems of Gnosia in a previous story. Be sure to check it out. In particular, Gnosia is an RPG and an Adventure game (what we call Visual Novels outside Japan). When starting the game, players can customize their characters, attributing points in stats such as Charisma and Stealth. The player can earn levels to increase their stats to learn new skills usable during conversations. Some of the actions avalaible such as “lying” have a success rate depending on your stats. you can do such as lying will succeed or fail depending on your stats. Moreover, the NPCs can use Skills as well. Lastly, the player’s stats and level carry over in each loop.

As such, we’ve been comparing Gnosia to Disco Elysium, also first released in 2019. In 2019, Disco Elysium was critically acclaimed worldwide. Meanwhile, multiple Japanese outlets praised Gnosia too.

The announcement was accompanied with a video message from Toru Kawakatsu, producer and director of Gnosia at indie developer Petit Depotto. Toru Kawakatsu explained: “Gnosia is an experience only realizable with the medium of video games.” I personally couldn’t agree more, and I could say the same for another recently localized Japanese game, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

Gnosia English Switch Release Reveal Trailer

Gnosia was first released exclusively on PlayStation Vita in Japan on June 20, 2019. On April 30, 2020, a Switch port was released.

Toru Kawakatsu previously explained they released the game on Vita only on purpose for it to gain a reputation. This is what allowed it to be noticed by Nintendo and be featured in the Japanese version of the March 26, 2020 Nintendo Direct Mini. Toru Kawakatsu later told Bloomberg journalist Takashi Mochizuki that Gnosia would be localized if the demand was strong enough. Gnosia is an exceptional game we’ve been covering a lot on DualShockers, and it’s incredible to see it get a localization. Personally speaking, I can’t wait to try the game out in English.