Goblinworks Updates Blog to Explain the Flow of Time in Pathfinder Online

Goblinworks Updates Blog to Explain the Flow of Time in Pathfinder Online

Ryan Dancey of Goblinworks updated the developer’s blog today in order to explain how the flow of time in Pathfinder Online will affect gameplay. The passing of in-game time will allow players who live in different regions to experience both the day and night sequences in-game.

The world will also have four seasons with different events and changes to the scenery. The time ratio will be one in-game minute to every fifteen seconds of real life. In short, the game time will be four times faster than real time.

Walking speed will be four times faster than the average human. There will also be no form of instant transportation. Instead, fast travel will be available for a hands-free transportation experience. Unlike most other MMO’s, you can be ambushed when traveling. This will cause you to drop out of travel and into a forced fight. You must be out of combat before you can start up fast travelling again.

You also will not be able to fast travel if you are flagged as a criminal. There are possibilities that there will be additional threats and restrictions from using fast travel, discouraging players from leaving the keyboard and not paying attention. While the thought seems to be sincere enough by trying to encourage players to stay constantly engaged, this will definitely put a damper on my sandwich time.

I can’t be the only one who goes AFK for a break when traveling, am I?

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