God Eater 2: Rage Burst PS4 vs PS Vita Screenshot Comparison: 1080p or Portability?

God Eater 2: Rage Burst PS4 vs PS Vita Screenshot Comparison: 1080p or Portability?

The demo of God Eater 2: Rage Burst is now available on the Japanese PSN for both PS4 and PS Vita, and quite obviously the PS4 version looks better than its portable counterpart, but just how better does it look?

You can now check the two versions out for yourself below, with a series of pairs of choice screenshots from both versions. Each pair will include the PS4 version on top and the PS Vita version below i (you should click on each screenshot to see it at full resolution).

God_Eater_2_RB_01_PS4 God_Eater_2_RB_01_PSVita



God_Eater_2_RB_13_PS4 God_Eater_2_RB_13_PSVita

God_Eater_2_RB_25_PS4 God_Eater_2_RB_25_PSVita

God_Eater_2_RB_32_PS4 God_Eater_2_RB_32_PSVita

God_Eater_2_RB_49_PS4 God_Eater_2_RB_49_PSVita

God_Eater_2_RB_51_PS4 God_Eater_2_RB_51_PSVita

God_Eater_2_RB_20_PS4 God_Eater_2_RB_20_PSVita

God_Eater_2_RB_33_PS4 God_Eater_2_RB_33_PSVita

God_Eater_2_RB_59_PS4 God_Eater_2_RB_59_PSVita

God_Eater_2_RB_64_PS4 God_Eater_2_RB_64_PSVita

In this last pair, the two versions look very similar. That’s because it’s a pre-rendered video. Despite the lower native resolution the PS Vita version is almost on par with the PS4 version when displaying videos.

God_Eater_2_RB_04_PS4 God_Eater_2_RB_04_PSVita

Ultimately the PS4 version looks a lot better (even if the PS Vita version is still fetching), despite the fact that Bandai Namco didn’t do much more than upping the resolution, adding better anti-aliasing, a few higher quality effects and including more detailed textures. Hopefully they’ll announce a localization soon, giving us a chance to actually choose between resolution and portability.

Of course there’s also the best of both worlds, as the game looks awesome on PS Vita via PS4 remote play, but that depends on your connectivity.

Below you can also find an extensive gallery with many more screenshots arranged in pairs. Again, the PS4 version will come first, and the PS Vita version second for each pair.