God Eater 3 Gets a New Trailer Ahead of Japanese Release

Bandai Namco revealed a new trailer for God Eater 3, showing the game's frenetic action, story, and showcasing the opening animation sequence.

By Iyane Agossah

November 8, 2018

Today, Bandai Namco brought us a new trailer for God Eater 3. The trailer quickly goes over the God Eater universe’s setting, with humanity on the brink of extinction and the god eaters as sole saviors capable of fighting the Aragami monsters.

We see the different weapons of the game and how we’ll get to create and customize our main character. Next, we see the Burst Arts, which change depending on whether you activate it on the ground, in the air or while using Stepdash. There’s also the Dive function that allows you to quickly approach enemies.

In God Eater 3, the world is also in danger because of a gigantic mass of ash that slowly swallows everything, turning into ash anything it touches, and the new Aragami types that appeared with it. Lastly, we get to see how for the first time in the God Eater series, there are missions where 8 players can participate together. The trailer ends in typical anime fashion with dramatic one-liners said by various characters.

The music video for the game’s opening animation’s song was also released. You can check it along with the new trailer below.

The English version of God Eater 3 will feature both English and Japanese voice acting, which is a great thing. You can also check some gameplay here.

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In Japan, God Eater 3 releases on December 13th for PS4. Meanwhile, in the west, it’ll release on February 8th for PS4 and Steam. The Steam Japanese version will release the same day. As we previously detailed, the game might have a hard time imposing itself, as it’ll release during the January, early-February time frame, which already contains massive releases like the Resident Evil 2 remake.

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Video Trailers

Tetragon - Announcement Trailer
Recompile - Story Trailer
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