God Eater 3 Gets New 1080p Screenshots and Details Showing New Character and More

God Eater 3 Gets New 1080p Screenshots and Details Showing New Character and More

Bandai Namco provides another look at God Eater 3, including new character Zeke Pennywort, more aragami including some from past game, and more.

Today Bandai Namco Entertainment America released a new batch of screenshots and a few more details about the upcoming action-JRPG God Eater 3.

We get a direct-feed look at the new character (whose name has been officially transliterated Zeke Pennywort), the new aragami Barbarius, and more aragami from past games.

We also get specific information on the Burst Plugin and Installing Skills features.

Zeke Pennywort
Zeke lived through a rough childhood so he has defiant tendencies though he cares deeply for others and is a loyal friend. Zeke has two brothers, unfortunately, he was separated from his middle brother and now lives in Pennywort with his youngest brother.

A ferocious Aragami with glaring eyes, dressed in silvery ash colored armor and a barbarian helmet adorned with large tusks, Barbarius has a drill as a left hand that spins to menace his enemies. He uses his drill to dive into the ground to perform thrust attacks from his target’s blind spot and can expand his attack range by piercing his drill into the ground to create an ice block.

Aragami from the past return
Aragami from previous chapters are powered-up and are returning with revamped effects, ready for battle.

New “Burst Plugin” 
A special feature that allows players to customize their God Arc’s Burst ability. Burst Plugin can be utilized to enhance a God Arc’s weapon, gun, or shield. It features a unique upgrade specific to each God Arc part, for example, preserving stamina consumption, making melee attacks stronger, or reducing damage during burst mode.

New “Installing Skills” 
Installing Skills expand the basic performance of God Arc by using “Abandoned God Arc” which players obtain as a reward for completing each mission, enabling players to enhance their battle style, slash power, and speed of using portable items.

Personally, I’m definitely excited about this game. It looks like a solid step forward from the series, taking a visual page from Code Vein‘s book. It’ll be interesting to see how far Bandai Namco manages to push it.

You can check out all the screenshots below. If you want to see more, you can also enjoy another recent batch of direct-feed screenshots, and some footage showing gameplay from an event held in Tokyo a few weeks ago.

God Eater 3 will launch in Japan and in the west this year for PS4 and PC. The PS4 version can be pre-ordered via Amazon.