God Eater 3 Gets Tons of 1080p Screenshots Showing New and Returning Weapons and New Aragami

God Eater 3 Gets Tons of 1080p Screenshots Showing New and Returning Weapons and New Aragami

Bandai Namco released a metric ton of new screenshots of God Eater 3, showing plenty of weapons and a fearsome new Aragami.

Today Bandai Namco released a brand new batch of screenshots of its upcoming action-JRPG God Eater 3.

We get to see a new Aragami that has been discovered in the Ashland, named Havakiri. It’s capable to jump behind its enemies to deliver powerful attacks and combines mechanical parts with a body similar to that of a woman.

The rest of the gallery is dedicated to the weapons that we’ll be able to use in the game. The Heavy Moon is brand new and can transform from a crescent blade capable of broad sweeping attacks into a heavy axe particularly effective against armored Aragami.

The Short Blade can deliver multiple quick attacks focusing on mobility. The Long Blade enables the player to instantly move between striking and dodging. The Buster Blade can deliver extremely powerful attacks dealing devastating damage. The Boost Hammer is specialized in short-range attacks. The Charge Spear is a high-mobility weapon focused on fast attacks. The Variant Scythe can extend its reach thanks to three different forms.

Speaking of guns, the Assault Gun can counter the mobility of the Aragami thanks to its fast rate of fire. The Snipe Gun can deliver powerful attack from long range and enables the “Stealth Field” feature to hide from the enemy. The Shotgun delivers heavy damage at short range. Lastly, the Ray Gun (which is also new to this game) replaces the old Blast Gun and can deliver high damage at any distance.

You can check out all the screenshots below. If you want to see more, you can also enjoy more recent screenshotsthe latest trailer and the first gameplay.

God Eater 3 will release this year for PS4 and PC. The PS4 version can be pre-ordered via Amazon.

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