God Eater Burst Announced For North America

By Yaris Gutierrez

July 12, 2010

Looks like someone has an appetite for God! Okay, I will concur that this was one of the cheesiest, if not lamest, openings seen on DualShockers, and for that I apologize. I’m just a little too excited to know that the God Eater Burst game – which makes its ways from D3 Publishers – will be arriving on North American shores. If I’m excited, you can only imagine what our native RPG fanatic Chad Awkerman is doing. To give you a clue, it involves yelling, shaking, and bad dancing.

The PSP title was recently announced in Japan, so it’s refreshing to know ahead of time that we’re also getting the nifty enhanced version. To give you a glimpse of just how awesome this game is, the original sold over half a million copies in under three weeks. To some of us that might not seem grand; but when considering the size of Japan, and the allocated time, it’s amazing. In the enhanced version that we’re so fortunate to be receiving, there are twice the number of missions, new modes, customizations, and tons of other stuff that we haven’t been informed about yet.

God Eater Burst is set to release on the PSP sometime in 2011. A little wait, for I’m sure it’s worth it. Now, if only we can get Namco to bring Tales of Vesperia over here. I’m guaranteeing that if and when that happens, Chad will weep tears of joy for days.

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