GoD Factory: Wingmen Coming To The Mac and PC

By Masoud House

May 31, 2013

When Nine Dots Studios recently unveiled a Kickstarter Campaign for their upcoming space combat game GoD Factory: Wingmen, they comically mentioned how the game has been running beautifully on five year old laptops, and should work well on a wide range of PCs, with Mac and Linux as possibilities. Well, with today’s update, it has been confirmed, along with a release window: GoD Factory: Wingmen is coming to the Mac and PC, sometime later this year.

Nine Dots Studios have also revealed the first of four mystery ships, or Vaisseau (GoD Factory: Wingmen‘s mecha), the “Huntmaster.” The Huntmaster is a human ship which multiple influences, the cockpit reminscent of a sword, the wings featuring the head of a manticore. The three Huntmaster parts can be combined with any other, allowing players to, for example, maintain the body of the ship while attaching a pair of wings more to their playstyle.

Also, just for fun, Nine Dots Studios released a ship design for the Valkyrie Gunship, a ship piloted by GoD Factory: Wingmen‘s Ar Blossom species. Both the Huntmaster and Valkyrie can be viewed below; if you like what you see, you can back Nine Dots Studio on their Kickstarter Page (where they’ve recently been added to the Kickstarter Staff Picks) and vote for them on their Steam Greenlight page.

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