GoD Factory: Wingmen Has Two Weeks To Go, And Needs Your Help To Succeed On Kickstarter

Nine Dots Studio’s GoD Factory: Wingmen has just under two weeks to go before their Kickstarter Campaign ends: but unfortunately they’re only at $20,659 of their $70,000 goal. With that in mind, they need your help even more than now, and have made a personal letter to their backers:

2 weeks left!

Only two weeks left already, now we are going into our final sprint to get attention from the media. As backers, you’ve already helped us a lot, but if you want to do even more, you would be doing us a huge favor if you shared our kickstarter on facebook, twitter, reddit, on any forums you’re active on and by contacting websites that cover gaming related news. A lot of projects got most of their funding in the last few days of their campaign, but we won’t take anything for granted and we’ll keep on pushing. If you help us with this, you increase a lot our chances of succeeding.

Thanks a lot to everyone for your support so far. It means a lot to us. We’re not making any promise, but we MIGHT have found a way to let you get your hands on a playable build that would be playable only for a month (due to server constraints and such). We’re not making any promise, but we’re trying to see if there is a way to make this work.

I’ve been following this game since about the time the campaign started: and I’ve had the luck of getting my hands on an early alpha build of GoD Factory: Wingmen. As you can tell from my preview, I was greatly impressed. For a game developed my a small studio working on their own spare time and with no salary or budget, this game has fantastic potential to be the next big multiplayer game on PC (and hopefully one day, consoles) if it had proper funding.

If you’re just discovering the game right now and like what you see, lend Nine Dots some support on their Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight pages. For a closer look at some of their new mystery ships, check out the gallery below. GoD Factory: Wingmen is set to release to the PC and Mac, and recently announced, Linux, and has (fantastic) Oculus Rift VR support.

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