GoD Factory: Wingmen Returns To Kickstarter Stronger Than Ever With New Astronomical Conflict Trailer

Nine Dots Studio has had a few hurdles trying to get their team-based
multiplayer online battle arena space combat game off the ground: but that hasn’t stopped them from simply pushing forward and adapting theirproduct. Now GoD Factory: Wingmen is back, and looking better than ever, with a brand new Kickstarter Campaign, a new free public alpha build, and videos and screenshots, all of which you can view below.

For those of you who may have missed GoD Factory: Wingmen earlier this year, the game is space combat game that pits teams of four against each other for intense dogfights where the ultimate goal is to take down your enemy team’s Carrier. As you can see in the YouTube trailer “Astronomical Conflict,” much of the key mechanics are the same from when I previously previewed the game. Players can completely customize and assemble their ships, and use XP and credit earned through battle to unlock new parts and abilities.

The abilities are plenty, some exclusive to certain species, some shared amongst all ships. The plant-like Ar Blossom species, for example, have teleportation technology, which allows them to confuse enemies or get past opponents with well coordinated jumps; the dragon-like Guantri, on the other hand, can switch between a “yin and yang” mode, which trades mobility for speed, accuracy for range, and so on.

Everything in GoD Factory: Wingmen is based around cooperation with your team. Everything in the game was made very resilient, to encourage players to work together to dismantle their enemies’ defenses. This is only further enhanced by the game’s “chain-reaction blasts,” explosive or incredible side effects that come from two or more players’ concerted efforts. If two allies shoots at the same target, their combined shots could create a black hole effect that draws in nearby enemies and causes further damage; or it could create a nova blast which explodes and hits anyone nearby.

As you can see in the Kickstarter campaign video, Guillaume Boucher-Vidal, one of Nine Dots Studio’s founders and game designers, walks you through what the game has to offer, and what the team still needs to make the game “gold” by March 2014 for PC, Mac and Linux platforms. While the team has already included such a well-polished game, one with Oculus Rift support at that, they would still like to add more features, more music, more polish, and more content. The team is looking for $70,000 to fund the game, which you can support via the GoD Factory: Wingmen Kickstarter Campaign page.

The current alpha preview build of GoD Factory: Wingmen will only be available during the duration of the Kickstarter campaign, which ends next month on October 18th. Anyone who buys and supports the game will gain access to the alpha and beta builds.

You can learn even more about the game on the GoD Factory: Wingmen website, and preview GoD Factory: Wingmen yourself by downloading the alpha build here. To support Nine Dots, check out their GoD Factory: Wingmen Kickstarter page, or vote for the game on their GoD Factory: Wingmen Steam Greenlight page.

The Kickstarter trailer music, Space Exploration Program, was provided by Vertlain. The YouTube trailer music, Astronomical Conflict, was provided by Neon Insect.

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