God of War Has Passed 10 Million in Lifetime Sales

God of War Has Passed 10 Million in Lifetime Sales

We knew that God of War did very well for itself in terms of sales, but now we have further proof directly from Sony.

Sony released a new presentation this evening that focused on the company’s Game & Network Services division, which is the one in which PlayStation falls under. While the presentation largely touches on Sony’s strategies in realms like next-generation hardware and live services, it also revealed some new details on last year’s release of God of War.

As of now, God of War has now surpassed 10 million in total sales since it first launched in April of last year. Sony briefly made note of this in its presentation when touching on how sales in the PS4 generation have continued to climb compared to games in the same franchise from previous console generations. As seen in the accompanying chart, which you can find at the bottom of the page, it signifies that God of War has passed the 10 million mark.


Considering when God of War launched it immediately became the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive, these numbers shouldn’t be too shocking. Still, the last official figures we had heard for the title told us that sales had passed 5 million in total. To now hear that the total has since doubled is pretty staggering, even if it is believable.

God of War looks like it still has awhile to go before it can pass The Last of Us Remastered and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End to become the highest-sold PS4 game, but maybe that’s a feat it will be able to achieve before the end of the PS4’s life cycle. Regardless, you’d have to imagine that sales numbers like this all but guarantee that we’ll be getting a sequel to God of War at some point down the road.