God of War 2 PS5 Release Date Rumor Debunked By Game Director

Don't believe the rumors, Cory Barlog has denied 'credible source' rumors that God of War 2 will be coming to PS5 in Fall 2021.

Just imagine in — what if God of War 2 followed the Norse cataclysmic calendar when it comes to release date? A new rumor spreading across the web (and a few websites) thought we might be seeing the next God of War on PS5 as early as 2021. Thankfully, Sony Santa Monica’s star director Cory Barlog has debunked it.

News comes through various sources of the internet, including the dedicated PS5 subreddit, YouTubers, tabloid gaming outlets, and Discord threads talking about “leaks” from prominent YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead. Citing some insider knowledge and sources who were able to predict that Xbox would tease Fable in the Xbox Games ShowcaseMoore’s Law is Dead said that he can confirm two things:

  1. God of War 2 would be coming to PS5 sometime in Fall 2021
  2. A classic PlayStation title would return in an unannounced launch game

You can catch these claims around this point of his video:

Now, lets put aside how ridiculous it is that we are believing the credibility of an insider for knowing that we might get a Fable reveal at the Xbox Games Showcase, especially as they’ve been openly ramping up development for years. Looking past that, these guesses seem at best like a bad psychic reading. Unannounced PlayStation IP at launch? Hey, we can also confirm a Nintendo Direct coming between ‘tomorrow and the end of time,‘ who is going to give us our ‘secret source leaker’ clout?

But you don’t have to hear it from jaded gaming press like me — take the news from God of War 2 Director Cory Barlog himself. When the news started spinning about a rumored Fall 2021 release date, he gave a pretty direct “No.” to anyone asking:

And this makes sense. AAA development cycles are incredibly long on an average year, without the high expectations that God of War 2 and developing for a totally new console carries with it. Add in the fact that we are dealing with a worldwide pandemic that is forcing delays in production and we shouldn’t have any belief this is going to hit anytime soon.

God of War 2 will most definitely be coming to PS5, but we have no idea when. Until then, make sure you play the original before you move on to the next generation — you can grab a physical version of the game via Amazon to help support DualShockers.

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